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Dean George Cain was born July 31, 1966 in Mt. Clemins, Michigan to Sharon Thomas and Christopher Cain. Dean's natural father George Tanaka left Deans mother and older brother Roger before Dean was born and Dean has never nor ever wants to meet his natural father. In his eyes the man who raised him and gave him his name is the only man deserving of the title Dad.

Dean made his first major acting appearance in his fathers film The Stone Boy, but football was what Dean really cared about. In 1984 Dean received a football scholarship from Princeton University where he excelled at his sport and was drafted by the Buffalo Bills four years later.

Unfortunately he never got to be on a trading card; before he could play one season game Dean hurt his knee and was told by doctors that if he wanted to play basketball with his kids when he was forty, then he had to give up the sport he loved.

So, Dean moved on to acting. Dean did commercials for everything from Bally's fitness clubs, to beer, to McDonalds, to Diet Coke before getting bit parts on television shows like A Different World and Life Goes On. In 1992 Dean was cast as Brenda's new boyfriend on Beverly Hills 90210. This gave Dean more exposure for his next audition to star as The Man Of Steel on a new Superman series titled Lois Lane's Daily Planet. Dean was neck and neck with another unknown actor by the name of Kevin Sorbo.

In the end Dean got the role of the brainy reporter with a secret identity while Kevin moved on to become Hercules.

On September 12, 1993 the series, now titled Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman premiered on ABC at 8:00PM, not the 10:00 time slot originally planned. The series ran for four years, ending on June 14, 1997 with a cliffhanger never to be resolved.

After the series ended Dean moved on to other things. Best Men, which was made during the 1996 hiatus of Lois & Clark, was released to theaters in England and eventually to the US on video in 1998. Tracked/Dogboys premiered on Showtime, Futuresport on ABC in October 1998 and began filming a new television pilot titled Rag & Bone for CBS with Robert Patrick (the newest star of The X Files). Unfortunately the show never got picked up.

Dean was also busy with his personal life as well. Having had a long list of romances which included Brooke Sheilds, Ami Dolenz, Pamala Anderson, and Gabrielle Reece; Dean began dating country singer/newcomer Mindy McCready in 1997. They became engaged in early 1998 but eventually broke up in July 1998. In that time Dean had also directed two of Mindy’s music videos.

 Deans career continued with more movies, and more charitable events. In July 1999 Dean appeared in St. Louis with other celebrities for a basketball tournament to help inner city fans. Dean also took time out to visit with his fans. Later that year he became host of TBS's new series Ripley's Believe It Or Not which ended its run in 2004, but continues on in syndication.

Dean started to keep his personal life private, but he couldn’t keep quiet the news that came out at the end of 1999, his former girlfriend Samantha Torres was pregnant with his child. They had decided then not to get back together as a couple, but to both be involved in their child's life. On June 11, 2000 Christopher Dean Cain was born. Dean and Samantha now share custody of their son.



Since Chris' birth Dean has made many movies and TV guest appearances including winning the first round of Celebrity Blackjack on The Game Show Network in July 2004, but lost in the finals to Caroline Rhea. In September 2004 Dean's new show Clubhouse premieres on CBS where Dean costars along side Christopher Lloyd, Mare Winningham and Jeremy Sumpter. Unfortunately only five episodes aired before CBS pulled it. The rest aired on HDTV after many fans demanded all 11 episodes that were filmed be shown.

Since then Dean has appeared in guest spots on Hope & Faith, and Las Vegas and  numerous films.





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